Ian Chance, Director of MA in Creative Entrepreneurship, University of East Anglia

It has been a very fulfilling experience undertaking a mentoring programme for the highly talented Artists participating in the Clyde& Co Art Award. The programme has been well received and has proved of immediate value in addressing the very considerable challenges of sustaining a creative practice following graduation. Sessions offer individual support to the students in discussions about their creative ideas, aims, objectives and provides help in shaping their future plans with the addition of group seminars on professional practice.

Kudzanai-Violet Hwami, 2016/17 winner of London Art Award

Winning the Clyde & Co Award meant that for the first time I felt I had a real chance of having a career as an artist. The previous year had been a rough patch and I was desperate to make use of the final year I had in Uni. I had set a goal to enter as many art competitions as possibly during my last year in university to increase visibility.

Winning the award right after graduating lifted the weight off my shoulders financially. One would want to continue making work that is appreciated, and being given that positive nod gave me confidence.

Holly Delaney, 2016/17 London Staff Vote Winner

The early years for an artist can seem intimidating, and Clyde & Co have assisted hugely in making this shift feel more seamless. The programme itself is incredibly generous and immensely helpful in raising the profile of emerging artists. These have helped greatly with the transition from studying art to becoming a professional student.

It has been a great privilege to have been a part of the programme and I am very thankful to everyone involved.

Fiona Watson, 2017 winner of Sydney Art Award

The art award Clyde & Co have created for the emerging artists should be applauded. I believe a solid education is essential for any aspiring artist and it is wonderful to have a company like Clyde & Co really get behind emerging artists from the universities worldwide.

Robert Hiscox, chairman of Hiscox Ltd.

I was impressed by the careful research, selection process, generous awards. Very interesting work, well displayed and young artists given a real boost.

Catalina Christensen, 2016/17 Artist, London

The professional development programme was excellent! I really benefited from the workshops, which gave me the confidence and knowledge to manage my own studio and arrange a number of successful exhibitions since graduating.

Steven John Atkinson, 2015/16 London Staff Vote Winner

The impressive programme of lectures, seminars and mentoring further built my confidence as a practising artist, introducing a level of professionalism and maturity to my efforts. During the year, I was also able to take advantage of the offer of legal assistance provided by one of the firm’s lawyers. The advice and assurance I received during this period helped to inform a challenging negotiation process and reinforced the impression that Clyde & Co are serious about supporting new artists.

Miriam Forster 2014/15 Winner of the London Art Award

“I graduated with quite a poor degree and my confidence as an artist was low. I found university a challenge, it was an amazing learning curve, but I found it hard.
Being selected by Clyde & Co to exhibit was fantastic. Winning the award was unbelievable. It gave me self belief and has spurred me on to make work for other organisations and festivals since. The money has allowed me the freedom to pursue a freelance career and also to begin an MA this coming September.
I will be ever grateful and forever in disbelief!”

Alexander Devereux 2014 Artist, London

“This support has spurred me on after graduating in June. It has provided me with the spring board I needed to pursue my own passion without hesitation or querying what I am doing and why am I doing it? In essence I have been supported at the right time and in the right way”

Sophie Hayles, Whitechapel Gallery

The project is a fantastic initiative – seeing young talent supported in such a positive way and with such commitment from Clyde Staff.

Emily Motto 2014 Winner of The Blank Canvas Wall Commission

“The commission at Clyde & Co allowed me the exciting opportunity to make work at a much bigger scale, and for a specific space and audience.
It’s given me invaluable experience in organising and handling the practicalities of making such a large work – from the initial gathering of materials and work with sponsorship, to the upkeep and maintenance of a fragile and changeable piece in a workplace.
It’s been a really great introduction to making work in this type of environment, and a really exciting process seeing it develop from my first prototypes and experiments!”

Dr Lois Rowe Programme Director, Wimbledon College of Art

There is much expectation, confusion and consequential exploitation during the first months and years of graduation. For the emerging artists, being involved in a scheme that safely springboards them into the professional world during the transitional phase is a welcomed and valued opportunity for them and the UAL. We want our students to succeed. This project genuinely helps them towards establishment of their identity as artists. We are thrilled to be a part of this project.

Abi Freckleton 2013 Winner of the Blank Canvas Competition

Winning this competition boosted my confidence at a crucial point in my career. It helped me secure my first small solo show in London as well as a residency in Germany. The financial support helped me to secure a studio and this has been imperative for the continued development of my practise and ideas. The experience of working on a commissioned piece has brought significant learnings that will inform my future choices for how I want to engage with commercial organisations, and in what ways my practise is suitable for the non-gallery sectors of the art market.

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