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Influenced by the concept of the Anthropocene, Amelia Kate Sampson creates artwork with the intention of communicating the degenerative effects on the biosphere resulting from the ‘Great Acceleration’ in human activity during this era.

Amelia was born in Buckinghamshire, England in 1992. In 2017 she graduated from the specialist, City and Guilds of London Art School gaining a first-class honours Bachelor of Fine Art Sculpture degree. Amelia exhibits in galleries and art fairs throughout the UK. Her artwork is included in private art collections such as the Tim Sayer Collection, London. In 2017 Amelia received the Beth Gotowski Award.

In 2015 Amelia relocated to Dorset, England with her partner and fellow sculptor Philip Rae-Scott. The rural surroundings reinforced Amelia’s fascination with ecology and geology. In Dorset Amelia and Philip built and renovated artist studios, acquiring a larger space to create their art.

Concerned with both concept and form, Amelia meticulously creates artworks in both two and three dimensions. In her sculptural practice she concentrates on the medium of stone, creating artworks that aim to represent a geological notion of time. In conjunction with her formalistic sculpture Amelia revels in the immortalisation of reclaimed materials, having always been attracted by the complex construction and visual appeal of industrial objects. Amelia has, for example, encompassed reclaimed aircraft parts and expended military devices in her artwork.

Left: Rock Face Falling, Centre: Cave Face, Right: Crash

Vinyl wrapped, reclaimed Nimord aircraft panels, dimensions: 1570 x 1140 mm


Influenced by the photographic documentation of works by land artists such as Richard Long, Nancy Holt, and Michael Heizer, Amelia employs photography to reflect upon political developments and social changes taking place in our current epoch. Having been introduced to anti-establishment protests as a young girl, she celebrates the attributes of artists such as Dan Eldon. Challenging the established order Amelia uses photography as a means of communication, to express her concerns and expand awareness of troubling social happenings.


Is This Peace / Tuppence
Limited edition Giclee prints (1 of 20)
108 x 79cm / 66 x 91cm

Sat Firing Squad MK1
Mixed media, Kilkenny limestone, Indian Pink Marble, Carrara marble
38 x 7 x 7cm / 35 x 7 x 7cm / 34 x 7 x 7cm

Amelia continually develops her artistic practice with a view of creating artworks that are both conceptually engaging and visually striking. Her pieces are intended to interlock challenging social reflection and intriguing aesthetic form.


You can follow Amelia’s work on her Instagram feed

For more information visit the artist’s website here

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