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holly-delany-these-thoughts-in-my-head holly-delany-who-wants-the-world

These Thoughts in my Head and Who Wants The World? comprise two of a three-part series: The third painting in the series, Self Portrait #3 (below), sat as an anomaly to the former two; exclusive of oil paint and instead consisting of gold emulsion paint spilt on its surface, it thereby pandered to the neurosis I feel as an artist when applying paint to canvas.


The three paintings took several months to complete; each painting involved sourcing the wood and cutting it to size, making the wooden frame and affixing it, sanding, sealing and priming each surface, painting them gold, applying the gold leaf adhesive and gold leaf, and finally painting in oils on the surface. I painted These Thoughts and The World simultaneously, each mark painstakingly applied; the fear of making a wrong mark holding me in its neurotic grip. The colour palette comes from my own set of personal preferences, interpreting my day’s residue into paint and moving it around the canvas until it makes, at least to myself, some kind of illogical logic.

I find myself most drawn to the paintings when standing just inches in front of them, and encourage other viewers to do the same. Each paint mark multiplies as you gaze; the eye is drawn in and carried around the painting, its journey unique to the spectator. The gold leaf itself has the most enticing quality, the painting always changing with the light. It is a material I relish working with, and adore the result of. This triptych will most likely be unique in my career as working on a wooden surface was a luxury, and one that is now logistically bypassed by canvas.

Since the degree show I have exhibited my work in two galleries, as well as in the kind offices of Clyde & Co. Self Portrait #3 was exhibited in the GX Gallery in Camberwell where it sold and now resides in its new home in South London. For the Josie Eastwood gallery in Winchester I made two new works which were exhibited in October, and am currently working on a series of four, similar to the degree show trio, but slightly smaller and on a canvas frame. At present I am working on commissioned paintings which is also very exciting, and selling my work through my website.

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