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I am a sculptor and stone letterer based in central London. My practice is driven by an attraction to the qualities of stone: its materiality, mass and placement. Through materials like coal, chalk, charcoal, graphite, pigments, paint and stone itself, I explore themes of my practice which include subtle and stark contrasts, the juxtaposition of marks and materials, and the use of repetition. I am particularly fascinated by marks of use that are created through accident or scarring – this evidence narrates interaction with life or mechanical tools.
My pieces are predominantly sculptural, ephemeral and often site-specific installations.

I develop work through a process of examining and pushing the physical and textural limits of materials, and testing the composition of forms within space. In parallel to my art practice I am developing a symbiotic thread of interest in stone letter carving.

I developed my contemporary fine art experience during three years spent in Derby completing a Bachelor of Fine Art where I was drawn to the local geology of coal. This was followed by a two-year artist-in-residence position with the Hampshire Sculpture Trust and a subsequent move to the South Downs, which naturally led me to work with chalk.

I felt it was important to compliment my entirely contemporary art practice with traditional academic training and recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Historic Stone Carving. This course enabled me to engage with stone and the history of sculpture from an entirely new perspective, as well as providing a wealth of practical and technical knowledge.
This next phase of my career will allow me to continue exploring my core interests paired with the exacting and traditional skills gained at City & Guilds. I hope to play a small role in preserving the ancient craft of stone carving – to keep the skills and knowledge alive as well as to continue their development through innovative creative practice.

At my recently established London studio I am developing my own practice and undertaking sculpture and lettering commissions.


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