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My paintings contain narratives, which I believe have the potential to offer a different perspective and sensitise the viewer to what is beyond the limits of language. Whilst being inspired by great poets of the 20th Century, my paintings connect my own personal experiences, current world affairs and carefully selected objects to create fictional, timeless, placeless compositions that embody a sense of struggle, hope and presence.


I use fragmented and partially erased forms, both figurative and written, which evokes the presence of ghostly subjects. This creates an ironic distance with the viewer and portrays my perception of women and more largely speaking, human beings, in contemporary societies. I want to sensitise to the viewer how little we know about people and make visible the strength of women amongst the fragile state of humanity. I often use bare canvas, thinking of negative space, as I believe this opens the image to numerous possibilities. This invites the viewer into a space to imagine and speculate, bringing them closer to sensitive and often personal realities that I am responding to in my paintings.

Often, I combine these reoccurring themes into installations of which I use a variety of materials, processes and objects, to work in a meaningful dialogue with particular paintings. Through the production of my practice, alongside continuous research and self-reflection, I am constantly envisioning my next body of work.

I have just completed my BA in Fine Art and Central Saint Martins and I am now studying an MA at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris. This is enabling me to explore even more techniques and be under the tutelage of major, globally successful and inspiring artists. My plan is to study at the Fine Art school of New York next year on the exchange programme offered by Les Beaux-arts, and I aspire to be exhibiting my work in London, Paris and New York within the coming years. To be a part of a global network, collaborating with artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to offer and encourage different perspectives, is what I envision for the future.

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