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My work exhibited at the Clyde & Co Art Award developed as a way to record certain thoughts into something tangible. I am interested in terms such as affect, which describes a feeling or experience that doesn’t have the right match in words. I try to develop new making skills at the same time as learning more about the conceptual side of why I am making something.


I came to the metal workshop with few skills and wanted to learn about as many tools and processes I could. Through experimenting, I developed an interest in using welding as a mark making process. I became aware of how much more I could do with this process and developed more detailed work that used other processes such as plasma cutting. Over time, I learnt about how much the atmosphere was affecting the work I was making with all the rust marks, discolouration and warping of the metal sheet.

I would say my work is unique in how I have approached the material and process. It is not often that you would see welding used in a non-practical way. Sheet metal welding is usually done where no distortion to the metal is the ideal outcome. In these pieces I have allowed the process to affect the material naturally.

At the moment I am experimenting with using fire and paper. I am documenting this through photography and videos. In the future, I hope to do residencies abroad, develop my workshop skills and find a studio space to make new work.


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