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Sister In Pink, 2017, 150 x 130 cm, Oil on canvas

Water Girl, 2017, 150 x 120 cm,  Acrylic and oil on canvas


Most of my paintings have been about people I’ve known in my life, I’m close to, or at least ones I’ve met personally. That way, it feels like I won’t have to invent how or why to paint. I like to observe, and try and understand people and their lives. But also when I’m painting my subjects I hope to also reflect a little bit more about my own self, my thoughts and feelings, and also hopefully connect with the viewers on the common things that we all experience. I work from photographs – most of the times my own. They will act as triggers to activate my memories of the said moments and experiences of the past times. They hint me on the quality of the light, of the mood, the spatial qualities, etc. while also re-opening the streams of thoughts and reflections I would have had at the time. I like to work this way because it helps in placing myself outside of the picture which exists in the photo/memory and see them from the point of view of the me in the present time and space. Hoping to capture some sort of depths, history residues in them. When I start a work, I will have an image or two that I would like to explore, but normally, I wouldn’t have devised a very concrete plan or a properly practised sketch for a work, especially in terms of colours and techniques. As the work progresses, I can change things quite a lot, there’s a lot of editing going on, on the colours or on the things that I decide to show or not show, and lots of experimentation with the build up of layers of colours/paints. Therefore, it is always an adventure producing a painting. When the moment feels adequately intensified and expressed on the canvas, then I feel like I could stop painting. For the next few years, I hope to keep on practising making art, but mainly focus on working on things I consider my weaknesses while continuing to do what I enjoy. This year, I applied for the Turps Correspondence Programme so I’m feeling a bit more optimistic and excited. Regarding my future, I plan to be optimistic and to always keep on learning.
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