Shiver by Kimberley Mintz – Clyde & Co Perth Art Awards

Shiver, 2018 by Kimberley Mintz

Oil on canvas
75 x 60 cm
This painting is an investigation into identity fragmentation and ambiguity in a post internet context. In an age where people have more images of themselves than ever, there becomes an assortment of ‘selves’ scattered over a variety of platforms which leads to the development of a fragmented hybrid identity. Online identity is the sum of ones characteristics and actions. Because people interact differently with each website, identity becomes undefinable.  Through the medium of paint, I aim to convey the push-pull of order and disorder as well as confusion and fragmentation regarding identity. This confusion is conveyed through visual equivalents like abstraction, repetition and overlapping techniques using pain and digital software. Portraiture acts as a direct representation of the ‘self’ and creates dialogue regarding pictorial temporarily in a post-internet context.




May 25, 2018 3:15 pm


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