Scheme 1 & Scheme 5 by Alex Maciver

Acrylic, Oil and Spray paint / 93 x 91 cm each

Price guide: $1000 each


These paintings are part of a series titled Schemes that question the integrity of segregation on the bases of class or economic status. ‘Scheme’ is defined as a plan, design or program of action to be followed but it can also mean to plot a devious plan, to be shady or otherwise use intellectual power to deceive or carry out a plan for personal inter est. In ‘Scheme’ the outcome is a series of layered paints that is a clear reflection of the process undertaken. There is not enough diagnostic information in the individual detailing to clearly determine this work as portraiture, landscape, still life or architectural plans, yet something about the overall organization of the image, the gestalt, is still allowing us to recognize restraint and separation.Without providing a pithy aphorism, the spontaneous gestures are restricted by a black outline at parts, almost as if commentary around considered chaos, or restricted movement. The hard black outline is representative of hard edge, structure, rules and regulations. Also could refer to the trap of the poverty cycle. There is an apparent layering of paints and mixture of textures that represent the many complexities of the human condition that are not considered in situational bias.


Scheme 1


Scheme 5


Perth, Thumbnail Only


August 31, 2018 9:34 am


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