Anaemic Field – Raphael Barratt, Camberwell College of Arts

Oil paint and oil pastel on paper

122 x 152cm

Observational drawings form the root of this work. Often returning to the shifting landscape of the fruit farm where I spent my childhood, these drawings trace the details and character of the landscape, its tensions, and the structures that traverse and interrupt it. From this the work twists aside into a stream of memory, imagination and intuitive responses to visual tensions and balance, through a degree of abstraction and colour structures.

Piero della Francesca’s use of familiar Tuscan hills as the landscape cradle for biblical narratives and Dante’s ‘dark wood’, symbolic of a psychological state, are significant inspirations. Through the medium of oil and oil pastel on paper, the three drawings spin out a dramatic dialog between internal and external landscapes.

Price: £2000


August 25, 2016 12:51 pm


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