Annette Peterson

Suburban Sunset

Oil on board

42 x 43 x 4 cm framed

Price: $650 each or $1200 for both

I was painting plein air from my car window and I was looking for a “world that is quickly disappearing” (Tinterow and Loyrette, 1984, p 80), one that captures the “affect” of the everyday driving experience; the atmosphere, mood, traffic conditions, weather, beauty, time of day, and /or internal sensations and experiences. Suburban Sunset offers a sense of a quick glance while driving that gives imminence to this.

A Thousand Moments Like This

Oil on Board

42 x 43 x 4 cm framed

Price: $650 each or $1200 for both

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This was the first 10 minutes plein air challenge for the project. I found the shorter time frame gave a more accurate impression of the affect of an everyday driving experience compared to when I spent more time. There is a sense of a moment in the movement; one that I feel, makes up the suburban driving experience. This was a significant painting for me – I was finally able to let go and find a freedom in my mark making; something that I was able to continue developing throughout the project.


Suburban Affects

The artworks are from a series of paintings called Suburban Affects that examines the everyday suburban driving with contemporary painting, offering a perspective of how we come to know and see the world. As the lifestyle of Perth depends on car travel, so driving has become an everyday reality. I wanted to communicate through paint, the affective moments or the emotional essence of the suburban driving experience. Painting such phenomenon is a difficult challenge, as these moments are generally felt, not seen. Such moments, often overlooked due to the inability to record or recall once our destination is attained, can shape our being.

Directly painting the embodied experience, en plein air, in my car, as opposed to painting from photographs, best captured the essence of suburban driving and conveyed a more in-depth sensory experience than just sight. Furthermore, I aimed for each painting to be completed in a ten-minute sitting. The focused observation heightened my sensory perception and bought affective phenomena to life via quick brushstrokes and impressionistic marks. The paintings created in this time-frame were less detailed but offered a sense of immediacy, more ambiguity and more liberal mark-making gestures than paintings created over a longer time.

Furthermore, I resolved that a reduced colour pallet increased the use of tonal colours and thus generated more depth and atmosphere. Deciding the colour pallet was made during the painting process, which also enhanced a higher affinity with my senses. My attention was thus fixed on directly translating through paint the affective phenomenon I was experiencing.





January 29, 2020 11:25 pm


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