Annie-Marie Akussah

Wimbledon College of Arts

Some recurrent subjects within my work are identity, belonging and the authenticity of identification documents within inter-African migration. My works hold colours that resemble places expatriates may have occupied, such as Indian red; present in council estate buildings.

Society’s paradigm of expatriates is often from the Middle East and Africa yet the prevailing perspectives and ideologies of migratory movement within the world pay little attention to inter-African migratory movement. ‘’The Uprooted, The Unrooted and Those Who Remain in Transit’’ is for those living away from home looking forward to their next mail, the diaspora and those who straddle between identities.

The Uprooted, the Unrooted, and Those Who Remain in Transit

Acrylic and Brass on MDF
100cm x 116cm
Price: £800

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Acrylic and Steel on MDF, Jute Sac, Wood, & Acetone Transfer on Linen
171cm x 171cm


London, Thumbnail Only


August 23, 2018 9:29 am


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