Aurora Materia

Returning to Kanto

Oil on canvas / 50 x 70 cm

Price: $1300

Returning to Kanto is an ode to the ancient temperate rainforests’ of Tasmania. When

I walk within these forests drinking in the air, it becomes dizzying. The clarity and

vastness saturating my every sense, until I stop and breathe slowly. Then I begin to pay

attention to each small detail; to a single cluster of leaves; to the pooling of a water

droplet at the tip of a delicate fern frond, until worlds within worlds unfold before my

eyes, and I am present. I am breathing in time with the lungs of the Island.

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Turning from Nauthiz

Oil on canvas / 76 x 64 cm

Price: $1700

Turning from Nauthiz is an ode to Kunyani. She is a navigation, she is a peaceful watcher; swathed in mist or icy rain, snow or the clearest of billowing winds. She is a place of refuge in her wildness, and a space to r eturn to, to find solace in her calm. (Kunanyi / Mt W ellington, Tasmania).

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