Ayse Kipri

Central Saint Martins

Standing between painting and sculpture, these works echo the urban surfaces we encounter; the temporality of the city’s architecture, where processes of demolition and construction have entered a cycle of normativity. The idea of raising a painting’s flat surface to suspend from a wall came to me through observing scaffolding and their purpose; to contain construction sites. I wanted to capture the unfinished state of our surroundings which is in constant flux due to social, economic and political tides shaping urban landscape. My intention was to create a dialogue with the architecture we see on a daily basis.


Structure VI

Steel, Perspex, MDF, Enamel and Scaffold Netting
100 x 160 x 21cm
Price: £1,300

Structure VIII

Steel, Perspex, MDF, Oil, Resin, & Scaffold Netting
100 x 160 x 21cm
Price: £1,200




London, Thumbnail Only


August 8, 2018 3:09 pm


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