Brad Teodoruk


Acrylic, oil stick, charcoal, pencil on canvas/ 183 x 152 cm unframed

Price: $5800

The diverse imagery that bind together these paintings consist of reoccurring motifs such as text, birds, beach balls and shadow play from imaginary or made up forms. Most of these motifs are highly symbolic and reference art history as well as personal reflections. For example a beach ball is a literal and obscure reference to Picasso wherehe is captured in a photo holding a beach ball. The birds, which are doves, are drawn in a child-like manner andsymbolize peace. The whole image becomes filled with juxtapositions; a dove flying through a chaotic scene represents peace/war. The text is important as it is usually the first mark to paper. Loaded words and phrases such as ‘control’, ‘never again’ and ‘waste’ are seen and sometimes half erased weigh the playful image down acting as another contrast. Even the words half obscured and erased by blocks of colour are a reference to graffiti removal. Everything has purpose and meaning in an image that appears random

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July 10, 2019 12:28 pm


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