Cara Teusner-Gartland

Bathers Beach (the fire that never burns)

Oil in canvas / 51 x 76.5 cm unframed

Price: $300

The night intrigued me: the streets, stripped back to monochrome, punctuated by neon and fire; forms that find themselves in street lamps, and fade seconds later into obscurity. It was the chemical process of painting manifest in the world around me. It was also a place of anxiety; leering strangers, news reports and a fear of the unknownleft me in a tenuous state; never truly immersed within the world I was painting.It was from this anxiety that my studio was born; a steel and Perspex box with a hole cut in the floor, locked from inside and mounted on casters for mobility. Each night, as I walked out into Fremantle burdened in a case of steel and Perspex, I experienced the world anew. The studio was versatile: one night it was a confessional, the next, a prison cell, a social statement, a conversation starter; thrilling and cumbersome all at once.The paintings I produced during that month reflect on both my immersion in the sitesI painted, but also on the isolation I created for myself; always distanced in some way from the places and people that caught my attention.

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July 9, 2019 12:44 pm


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