Carla Noronha

Camberwell College of Arts

Noronha’s work explores the notion of home; the things we deem familiar and safe. Her work is extremely personal. For Noronha, home is “a need for a constant connection to my family and culture. When I was 5 years old moving from Portugal to England left me confused and disconnected from the things that I grew up with.” She creates distorted, collage like paintings representing certain spaces or objects connected to her home or family, such as earthy rich tones representative of nature or heat. The works abstract ambiguity seems both familiar and removed.


Nascemos nas Estradas

Acrylic paint and oil pastel on plywood

120 x 182 cm

Price: £1000


Dorme com Deus e Jesus Cristo 

Acrylic paint and graphite on birch plywood

120 x 182 cm

Price: £1,000






September 1, 2019 9:17 pm


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