Charlie Chesterman

Central Saint Martins

Chesterman approaches paintings as reliefs. He uses collage to explore the hierarchy of layering, theatricality and a delusion of perspective. He envisages the painting as a “main stage”; a lot of the work happens outside of the spotlight. Chesterman has always been captivated by the drama of visual art. He is preoccupied by a pictorial plot; multiple scenes taking place at different times. His work is similar to a comic strip with borderless vignettes and a kinetic graphic quality. The subject matter aims to satirise contemporary rituals and popular culture. For Chesterman, satire is a coping mechanism that helps us tackle and understand sensitive issues.

Piñata Britannia

Oil, collage, wood, spray paint, airbrush, cardboard, and wet-pour rubber play on board

150 x 245 x 8 cm

Price: £2000


London, Thumbnail Only


September 3, 2019 12:23 pm


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