Chloe McDonald

Skin Deep

Graphite on 300gm handmade pape

1.2m x 2.0m

My ongoing work engages with current conversations regarding body image, and how social media has impacted how we view our bodies.
I have referenced photos that were shot of a hand saturated by paint. This creates a ‘blocked out’ or ‘deleted’ effect that comments on the relationship between social media and censorship of the body, and how the entire image is never seen, even though it may appear so.
The large scale of this piece invites the viewer to become intimate with the details of the work, and it also insinuates the physical and mental endurance of the drawing process.
Graphite is my chosen medium due to its reactivity and precision creating the fine details and cohesion demanded for the work.
The work focuses on bringing attention back to reality. The scale of the piece demands the immediate attention of the viewer, and draws them into inspect the ordinary detail of a hand in extreme finality.

Price: $7500





January 30, 2020 2:29 pm


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