Danica Alicia de Silva

Wimbledon College of Arts

My work explores the use of colour and form depicting my perception of geographical locations and how this affects our reading of space, turning us into individuals. I aim to portray spaces through layering different densities which I create using different types of paint. I’ve lived in small towns and big cities giving me the chance to experience how spaces affect human psychology and behaviour. The sources for my paintings are photographs that I have taken in the three distinct places I’ve lived: Dubai, India and the UK. I manipulated them because I was inspired by the surrealist idea of automatism.


Midnight Memory

Oil and Enamel on Board
30cm x 40cm
Price: £320




Oil on Board
30cm x 40cm
Price: £345



No. 333

Oil and Enamel on Board
40cm x 30cm
Price: £300




Oil and Enamel on Board
50cm x 40cm
Price: £425





London, Thumbnail Only


August 15, 2018 4:04 pm


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