Portrait of Misheck Cornelius Chikanza – Gabriel Choto, Camberwell College of Arts

Oil on canvas, oil on paper
120 x 150cm / 30 x 21cm

My approach to painting is best described as African stories or sitters painted in a European language – the language being the technique and the style of painting and the use of oil paint. The two pieces come from a much larger collection of work and in each piece the sitters depict family members and very close friends whom I had grown up around. There is a hidden personal story behind each one of them.
My grandfather Misheck always told stories about how hard his life was during the time of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Against the oppression of the colonial system, he was always proud to be black and had never wished his skin to be any other colour. This is why I painted only his face on the etching print.

(Not included in the auction)



August 25, 2016 12:51 pm


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