EU Referendum Results (listening to the radio) – Peter Carrick, Camberwell College of Arts

Oil on canvas

142 x100cm

My work explores the dissociation between political and social events and the second hand experience, through various forms of media and communication due to the cinematisation and distribution of news and events.

By studying people’s reactions, watching the television or listening to the news, I capture a personal reaction to events which are shared globally, thanks to a wholly interactive, image-saturated environment which aims to engage with everyone. Because of this instant access to news, people feel more personally affected by events that don’t actually involve them and because of this, are left discontent and dissociated from the actual event itself. Or otherwise, they have a disconnected privilege which asserts involvement, but it is actually from the comfort of one’s home.

Price:  £800



August 25, 2016 12:49 pm


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