Giovanni Vetere

Camberwell College of Arts

Bodies of Water is a site-specific performance that occurred in an old car repairing garage. At the centre of the room two cross-like holes, used by technicians to lie down, become the place of temporary preservation of the body. Questioning its position as human, the body is placed in an environment that is not domestic, bringing the viewer on a journey towards its root. My work engages with water, which is an element that connects us with our origin, referencing the foetus inside the womb. Water symbolises a dual effect; one of giving life and pleasure; one of giving agony and death.

Bodies of Water I

Digital Print
33cm x 43cm
Price: £180

Bodies of Water II

Digital Print
33cm x 43cm
Price: £180 each

Bodies of Water III

Digital Print
33cm x 43cm
Price: £180 each

Bodies of Water

3 Digital Prints
33cm x 43cm each
Price: £450 (For All 3)





London, Thumbnail Only


July 19, 2018 3:46 pm


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