I Do As I Say Pt 2 – Like Talking To A Brick Wall – Rachael Spencer, Camberwell College of Arts

Gelatin Silver Prints on Fibre Based Paper

The ongoing body of work ‘I Do As I say’ operates as a literal representation of English figurative language, the nuances that are idiomatic phrases; defined as a group of words that hold a shared meaning not deducible to the individual words used. Language is made up of codified laws that can be turned flexible and malleable again, the result can often be humorous and absurd.
Existing between a performance and material result of the photograph; by acting each one out in consciously constructed scenes I anchor them into the corporeal world, gifting the individual words their physical meaning through ritualistic, repetitive action.

Price: £450 (new editions printed for £500)



August 25, 2016 7:34 am


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