Jeewan Suwal


Acrylic on canvas / 170 x 135 cm each

Price: $1600

My painting depicts the ideas of ‘psychogeography’ and Drift’. Psychogeographers advocate the act of becoming lost in the city which is done through drift (Self, 2007). However, in my painting, I aim to explore my mobility through psychogeography to trace my experience of a place and placelessness. I seek to examine the importance of the concept of drift from psychogeography in experimenting and exploring space in my paintings. The painting, ‘Momentousness’ is my spontaneous visual reaction toward my driving experience in Perth city in an abstract way. Being new to the city, I mostly use navigational tools to travel from one destination to other. Despite developments in navigational and global positioning technology, there are cases when we cannot totally rely on
these tools. For instance, we might be wrongly directed or navigated or located because of internet drop-outs, delays in direction instructions, faulty devices, and technical faults.

Therefore, because of our over-reliance on technology for navigation, the idea of being lost in a place and the idea of ‘placeness’ has changed. Through visual representation, I explore the intersection between these mental, emotional and geographical factors that shape our experience and understanding of place. This painting is just one example of my feelings of confusion around direction and navigation based on the GPS which have led me to consider the notion of my cultural understanding of orientation.

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July 9, 2019 12:35 pm


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