Joyce Lubotzky

I shop therefore I am

Oil on canvas
200 x 200 cm unframed

Price: $10000

In the tradition of Photorealism, I am not, therefore I shop plays with the tension between photography and painting —and in turn — interrogates tensions between the objects inour life, our memories and identities, and how we commodifyand consume what we hold close. My focus on enlar gedscale — from photograph to painting — brings attention tothe objects that may otherwise be overlooked. In this case,the collected memorabilia inside the fishbowl pr esents a viewof contemporary culture in which visual references, icons andsymbols become objects in our daily lives. These objects help fill a void of existential questioning: Who ar e we and how do we see ourselves? As contemporary consumers, we mustcontend many exposed vulnerabilities, with our every purchase
and expression of identity judged, logged, remembered. I amendlessly interested in how we assert identity with the objects we collect, and how our narratives, relationships and memories
might be captured in visual imagery. As an anecdote to the fast-paced snapchat lifestyle, painting this visual image, was a slow, methodical and detail-laden task. The benefits
of this highlighted to me how much we lose when failing to invest time, focus and attention to what is in front of us. This is particularly pertinent to the contradictions that exist in our
world and in ourselves, especially as we navigate our identities with the ever-increasing and overwhelming abundance of photographic media and consumer choices today.

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July 10, 2019 11:48 am


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