Laurence Jansen

Camberwell College of Arts

Distribution is a reflection on the time I spent with an independent collective of humanitarian activists on the Greek island of Lesvos. Many of these activists have devoted months, or in some cases years, to help and empower displaced people who arrived on the island from Turkey. Working together, European volunteers and refugees provide food for around 300 of the islands most vulnerable people. This painting depicts one refugee decanting food into cups as part of the food distribution process. His transient, ephemeral appearance highlights a lack of cultural and political identity, whilst stuck in a temporary limbo.


Oil on Canvas
152cm x 203cm
Price: £2,500


Displacement engages with the work and struggle endured by a refugee who seeks asylum from conflict. The unnamed figure volunteers his time with the independent activist collective, No Borders Kitchen. For the last year, he has existed in a state of limbo with no legal papers. Days pass with no news of progress on how to move forward and the looming threat of being sent back to persecution within political and cultural instability. This painting portrays the hopeful and determined will to provide food for displaced people, with the large cooking pot acting as a grounding force amongst emotional turmoil, in a struggle near breaking point.


Oil on Canvas
152cm x 203cm
Price: 2,500


London, Thumbnail Only


August 10, 2018 3:35 pm


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