Lauriane Demolliens

Camberwell College of Arts

Born in Grenoble in the south east of France, considered the capital city of the French Alps, Demolliens grew up surrounded by this mountainous landscape, historical mining industries and mountain sports. This pastoral influence shaped Demollien’s visual interests and beliefs, such as the idea that landscapes are mirrors. By drawing mountains, she continuously returns to a constantly evolving and changing subject to explore drawing and the act of making. By using tiles, the work evokes thoughts about human interactions with nature whilst creating a contrast between the fired natural material of clay and the domestic connotations of tiles, as if suggesting the integral importance of mountains in daily life that finds its way into people’s homes.

18 Mountains / 36 Mountains

Glazed ceramic tiles

140 x 31 cm / 140 x 62 cm

Price: £800 / £1500





September 1, 2019 6:23 pm


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