Macylajain Fulton-Isaacs

Chelsea College of Arts

Fulton-Isaacs work aims to act as a soft vehicle against the hierarchies and assumptions of craft and class whilst presenting the correlation between the two. The artists upbringing and social class are central to and directly inform her work as she presents her frustrations regarding the distinction and subservience of craft to fine art through tufted rug installations and wall hangings. This work is from a series sharing the story and suicide notes of Mark Barber. Barber took his life upon learning that his benefits would be cut by £20 a week. The works seek to show Barber’s story in a sensitive and well-informed way, of which the origins stem from the artists own working-class background and upbringing as a child of a family in recipient of benefits. The works remain personal to the artist who feels informed and comfortable enough to comment on these sensitive topics.

“I am officially begging you.”

Synthetic and natural wool on hessian

90 x 90 cm

Price: £1500




September 1, 2019 10:31 pm


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