Michael Wren

Odyssey II

Limestone, steel, burnt timber and charcoal/ 93 x 32 x 70 cm

Price: $3500

I love wood and stone carving and am inspired by nature in its beauty, mystery and force while relishing the challenge of forging raw materials into new forms. There is a mystery and emotion in carving, with the stakes high as each strike of the chisel has the power to create or destroy a work as one tussles with the nature of the material itself. “Odyssey II” is a limestone, charcoal and steel work that is both earthbound yet suspended in space. My intention is to explore the universal concept of the simultaneously expanding and contracting Void. Run through with charcoal, resembling bolts of petrified black lightning, “Odyssey II” attempts to encapsulate the mercurial nature of the life force.

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July 10, 2019 1:05 pm


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