Not just what you say, but the way you look at me – Zsuzsa Benke

Digital print on biodegradable advertising banner
1500 x 260 cm

We humans are usually satisfied caring only about what we see and neglecting realities with effects outside of our daily routine. Ocean pollution, environmental catastrophes, species extinction, global warming and countless medical healthcare problems are some of the results. We live in a world where the importance of profit overrides the way we look at our health or even the Earth.
With a collage illustrating NASA’s ‘Earthsong’, a reference to coral bleaching and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, my aim with this project is to generate discussions around our individual and collective responsibilities towards our future on this planet.

My 15 meters long site-specific advertisement banner depicts the partitioned land of North America, where endless fields of agricultural croplands, cattle farms and the grids of oil and gas wells are found. A seascape with bleached corals forms another layer in the composition. With a set of smaller scale digital works I aim to bring these real but at the same time abstract subjects closer.

Price on request


Other prints from the artist:


C-type print on matt archival paper/ 60 x 90 cm

I oppose ‘Giulietta’ with the production of millions of metric tonnes of beef that has several major impacts on the environment and societies worldwide.

Edition of 25

Price: £250 (unframed)



Reefs I.

C-type print on matt archival paper/ 100 x 66 cm


Edition of 25

Price: £260 (unframed)

In my other works, ‘Reefs I and II’, I contrast the global scale ocean acidification and coral bleaching with the soon disappearing otherworldly colours of the reefs. My objective for this project is to directly question both our conscious and unconscious everyday decisions, habits of consumption and tackling head on, through advertising its diverse effects on our health and the environment.


Reefs II.

C-type print on matt archival paper/ 100 x 36 cm


Edition of 25

Price: £230 (unframed)


Note: 20% of the sales will be donated to not-for-profit environmental organisations.


September 13, 2014 10:33 am


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