Perth’s Old Corner series, 2018 by Olivia Ryan

Drawing, screen printed on concrete and engraved
Dimensions varied
$3500 for the series of six
This work aims to investigate the intersecting ideas of cultural identity and loss, with the notions of architecture and landscape, through an examination into Perth’s demolished past. With the concept of absence an important part of my investigations, I have employed printmaking techniques to respond to the interconnecting ideas of the traditional and the contemporary, whilst examining my own understanding of cultural identity. The use of concrete aims to comment on the materiality of Perth’s current cityscape, whilst emphasising the delicacy of the buildings demolished. Driven by an intense sense of melancholy and intrigue for a Perth I will never experience, this work explores Perth’s historical and architectural past, whilst simultaneously investigating the circumstances that made this city what it is today. My work aims to explore Perth’s lack of historical buildings, in absence that has unfortunately become associated with the concept that Perth itself is lacking in cultural integrity. Eager to prove this misconception false, it is my intention to explore the circumstantial stories of Perth’s demolished past, while also paying homage to these buildings, attempting to re-imagine then for a generation who would otherwise never experience them.







May 25, 2018 3:06 pm


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