Poppy Davis

Wimbledon College of Arts

My practice focuses on the reconfiguration of images from art history. I aim to challenge art history and raise issues surrounding authorship. It is not until iconic imagery is disturbed that we realise how much confidence we place in it. Through my paintings, I aim to occupy a space outside our traditional conception of history to become a fulcrum between ages, creating a new visual language. I use similar methods of craftsmanship as the Old Masters combined with a twenty-first century view on the possibilities of image manipulation. I am creating an appreciation for the organic development of art over the centuries.



Yard of a Madhouse

Oil on Canvas
40cm x 60cm
Price: £2,000



Oil on Canvas
60cm x 70cm
Price: £4,000


Dona Antonia Zarate

Oil on Canvas
60cm x 70cm
Price: £4,000



London, Thumbnail Only


August 15, 2018 3:20 pm


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