Ranulph Steiger

Camberwell College of Arts

Steiger is a London-based artist who grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to England at the age of seven. In his early life, Steiger experience homesickness. As a result, he makes paintings that act as a way to access and embody warmness, familiarity and closeness. In Greg, Walter, Bolipi, details are enhanced and other sections untouched, even unfinished. Steiger’s large-scale paintings are made using pencil traces and thin washes of egg tempera on heavy Plywood panels, to represent images taken in Botswana and Zimbabwe with an old Motorola phone. Mostly the images seem unremarkable and low quality, until the viewer realises their origin.

Greg, Walter, Bolipi

Egg tempera on plywood panel, graphite, handmade chalk and rabbit-skin glue, gesso, acrylic clear gesso

244 x 488 cm

Price: £3,000





September 3, 2019 11:45 am


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