Tiziana Tringali

Clearing Skies

Acrylic, ink and oil on canvas/ 143 x 112 cm

Price: $1900

My work is a study of the earth’s natural landscapes and each individual’s unique perception of these environments. My primary area of investigation is the exploration of the landscape as a critical element contributing to the experience of the human species. My art probes the beautiful and cruel aspects of our natural environment and ultimately seek to celebrate the ecosystem in which humans exist. A secondary theme communicated through my work is that of individual perception of the landscape and environment. As humans, we each perceive and interpret our surrounds to create our unique version of reality. These works reflect my perception of a landscape, but should be sufficiently abstract to provoke the observer to question how they perceive their environment and recognise their unique perspective. The aesthetic of my works adopts a minimalist style, playing on the contrast of light and dark, and evoking the wind, position and movement in the landscapes which is achieved through the brushwork. Drawing on inspiration from artists of the Romantic period, my works embody the sense of place and the human desire for connection to the environment. The minimalist, contemporary style, allows the viewers to experience and interpret the landscape based on their own perceptions.

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July 10, 2019 12:45 pm


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