Untitled – Amanda Roberts, Wimbledon College of Arts

Oil on canvas
100 x 80cm

Play is essential to the way I develop my work, I create characters or objects and physical spaces which mostly describe my own emotional and personal state. I strive to create work that engages the audience, allowing us to fetishize our emotions into an unrealistic surreal concept of reality.
Recurring characters tend to dominate my work; this is done purposely to achieve a familiarity for each of my pieces, and creates a mood/story board behind the character created. I hope to achieve a sense of knowing this character even when placed in a different environment, or their image becomes more fragmented. To create abstraction, I isolate certain qualities of my animal hybrid creations, and exaggerate these for them to stand out.


Price: £500


August 25, 2016 8:15 am


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