The Blank Canvas competition is a commission for a highly visible 18m wall within the London office building. The winner of this commission wins a £3,000 prize, a £1,000 materials budget and guidance from a professional artist during fabrication, in addition to the pro bono legal support and mentoring from Clyde & Co staff.


2017/18 winner is Zsuzsa Benke, a graduate from Chelsea College of Arts.

‘Not Just What You Say, But The Way You Look At Me’ is a digital print on biodegradable advertising banner (1500 cm x240cm).

A collage illustrating NASA’s ‘Earthsong’, a reference to coral bleaching and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. Benke’s aim for the piece is to generate discussions around our individual and collective responsibilities towards the future of our planet.

Blank Canvas

The Blank Canvas wall, 18m in length, forms one side of a main thoroughfare leading from the Knowledge Centre to the Auditorium and Restaurant.  This national project provides students with an opportunity to understand, and to participate, in a commissioning process. For the first time the students are presented with the challenge and discipline of adhering to the constraints of a materials budget, proposing a design that will work within the space, considering the logistics of installation and meeting a deadline.

The final shortlist of four undergraduates are invited to the London office to present their submissions to the Clyde & Co Art Committee.  The winning submission is awarded a £3,000 prize together with a materials budget of £1,000. The winning work remains in situ for one year.

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