The Blank Canvas project exhibits work on a highly visible 18m wall within the London office building. 

In delivering the Art Awards this year, Clyde & Co has appointed, a not-for-profit organisation that supports early career artists by providing grants, education and skills development as well as the opportunity to display their art.

To extend this support has aligned with Clyde & Co’s focus on inclusion, mental health and wellbeing and entered into partnership with the award-winning arts charity Outside In.

One of its touring exhibitions can be seen on display on this Blank Canvas Wall. It features work by two artists which tells how they are using art to overcome the barriers that they have encountered – whether mental, societal or physical.​

Colliding Worlds

The work on this wall was part of the exhibition,Colliding Worlds, created in response to a co-commission with Outside In and Pallant House gallery, funded by The John Booth Charitable Foundation. The commission was awarded to the two artists whose work is displayed here;  for self-taught artist Greg Bromley, anxiety and depression was the starting point for his career as an artist, and for Palestinian artist, Laila Kassab, art is part of her coping mechanism, transforming her sadness into creativity.

Through an open call out, artists were invited to respond to the work of ‘outsider artist’ Scottie Wilson (1871-1972), renowned for his pen and ink drawings. Art became part of Scottie Wilson’s life almost by chance. At the end of the First World War, Wilson left the army and moved to Canada, opening a small junk shop in Toronto. It was here that Wilson discovered his compulsion for drawing. The imaginative subjects in his drawings were based on birds, fish, trees, flowers, heads and faces, as well as characters he called ‘Evils and Greedies’, placed alongside symbols for goodness and truth. Returning to London in 1945, Wilson exhibited at the Arcade Gallery and a Surrealist group exhibition in Paris. Jean Dubuffet became a collector of his work and would later introduce Scottie to Picasso, who also admired his work. This appreciation by influential artists led to the promotion of Wilson’s art, enabling him to make a living from it.

More about Outside In

Outside In is a national charity that provides a platform for artists who face significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation. Outside In’s work covers three main areas: artist development, exhibitions, and training. These activities aim to create a fairer art world by supporting artists, creating opportunities and influencing arts organisations.

Since its inception, Outside In has reached a quarter of a million audience members and gained more than 80 partner organisations nationally. It has held more than 50 exhibitions to date and now provides opportunities and support for more than 3,000 artists.

To find out more information and how you could support Outside In’s pioneering work, please visit

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